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Yellowstone Costumes

The hit TV series Yellowstone has undoubtedly etched itself into the hearts of viewers around the world. Its gripping narrative, compelling characters, and sweeping landscapes have all played a significant role in making it a cultural phenomenon. Yet, one cannot discuss the show’s impact without delving into the iconic costumes that adorn the characters.

These costumes are far more than mere garments, they are a statement of the rugged individualism and distinctive style that defines the American West.  Whether you aspire to dress like John or Beth Dutton or merely wish to immerse yourself in the Western aesthetic, there is an array of options at your disposal. Within these choices, you’ll find the pieces that resonate with your style, transforming you into a quintessential figure ready to conquer the Montana wilderness in true Dutton fashion.

Yellowstone Costumes: Embracing the Spirit of the Duttons

If you’re a fan of the hit TV series Yellowstone, you probably can’t get enough of the iconic costumes worn by the Dutton family and their associates. From John Dutton’s rugged jackets to Beth Dutton’s stylish attire, the fashion choices on the show have become just as legendary as the characters themselves.

The Allure of Yellowstone Costumes

Yellowstone has gained a massive fan following not just for its compelling storyline and strong character development but also for its remarkable attention to detail in the costumes. The clothing choices reflect the rugged individualism and unapologetic style that define the characters.

Channeling John Dutton: The Cowboy Look

John Dutton, portrayed by Kevin Costner, stands as the patriarch of the Yellowstone ranch. His character’s costume is instantly recognizable – a rugged leather jacket that exudes strength and resilience. To truly channel your inner John Dutton, investing in a high-quality leather jacket is a must.

But not just any leather jacket will do; look for those with a distressed, vintage appeal. The character’s jacket often bears the marks of his rugged lifestyle. It’s a symbol of endurance, a shield against the elements, and a nod to the cowboy traditions of the American West.

Layering Like a Rancher with John Dutton’s Vests

For those who appreciate a more versatile look, consider adding a vest to your outfit. John Dutton often layers vest over his shirts, giving him that classic rancher appearance. These vests come in various materials, from wool to cotton and even fleece, catering to different weather conditions and personal styles.

A wool vest provides warmth for those chilly Montana evenings, with its textured look adding an extra layer of authenticity to your Yellowstone-inspired outfit. On the other hand, cotton vests offer breathability and comfort, ideal for a wide range of occasions. They can be layered over shirts or worn as standalone pieces, ensuring you’re ready for whatever the day brings.

Beth Dutton: Rugged Meets Chic

Beth Dutton, portrayed by Kelly Reilly, is known for her fierce personality and impeccable style. Her character effortlessly combines ruggedness and chic fashion. Her jackets, in particular, are a must-have if you’re aiming for her look.

You can find options in leather or cotton, each reflecting her edgy yet sophisticated style. These jackets often feature distinctive details, like asymmetrical zippers and belts, adding a touch of uniqueness to your outfit. Much like Beth’s character, these jackets strike a balance between tough and chic, making them perfect for the modern woman who wants to embrace her inner cowgirl.

Material Matters: Leather, Cotton, and More

While the iconic leather jackets have already been discussed, there’s more to Yellowstone costumes than just leather. Cotton jackets are a comfortable and breathable choice for those who appreciate ease of wear without sacrificing style. Yellowstone cotton jackets come in various designs, featuring the same earthy tones and rugged details that make the costumes so iconic.

Wool vests, like those worn by John Dutton, provide warmth, making them perfect for the unforgiving Montana winters. These vests, with their texture and rustic appeal, give you the perfect rancher look. On the other hand, cotton vests are versatile, suitable for various occasions. They can be worn over shirts or on their own, ensuring that you’re not just stylish but also comfortable.

Fleece jackets are a practical addition to your Yellowstone-inspired wardrobe. They offer warmth and comfort, making them ideal for outdoor enthusiasts and those who want to stay cozy during colder seasons. These jackets are a nod to the practicality required in the rugged wilderness of Montana.


Is there a specific size chart available for Yellowstone costumes to ensure a perfect fit?

To ensure your Yellowstone costume fits perfectly, consult our size chart available on our website. This will help you select the right size.

Where can I purchase Yellowstone costumes that are true to the show’s style?

You can find Yellowstone costumes that capture the show’s style on our official website.

What factors should I take into account when selecting a Yellowstone jacket or vest to match my personal preferences and local climate?

When choosing a Yellowstone jacket or vest, consider factors such as material, style, and practicality. Leather jackets are a great choice for durability, while cotton offers comfort, and wool provides warmth.

What are some recommended accessories to enhance the authenticity of my Yellowstone costume, aside from leather jackets and vest?

In addition to leather jackets, you can further enhance your Yellowstone costume by adding items like scarves, bolo ties, and sheriff badges to complete the look.

Can you provide guidance on choosing the right size for a Yellowstone costume to ensure it fits correctly and looks great?

Make sure to take accurate measurements of your body and compare them to the size chart to select the size that best matches your dimensions.