The Batman Arkham Knight Gaming Costume Hooded Leather Jacket


  • Batman Cosplay Costume Jacket: This jacket is designed to emulate the iconic look of Batman’s costume from the Arkham Knight video game, making it perfect for fans of the Dark Knight who want to embody their favorite hero.
  • Classic Black Hue: The jacket is crafted in a sleek and stylish black color, staying true to Batman’s signature dark and mysterious aesthetic.
  • Material Options: You have the choice between High-Quality Sheep Leather or Faux Leather. Sheep leather offers durability and a luxurious feel, while faux leather is a cruelty-free alternative with a similar appearance.
  • Zipper Closure: The front zipper closure ensures ease of wear and adds a modern touch to the classic Batman design.
  • Premium Polyester Lining: The jacket features a premium polyester lining, providing comfort and warmth during colder weather while allowing you to wear it for extended periods.