Akira Kaneda Cosplay Leather Jacket Halloween Leather Costume


  • Akira Kaneda Cosplay Costume Jacket: This jacket is a perfect choice for fans of the iconic anime and manga series “Akira.”
  • Classic Black Color: The jacket stays true to the original character’s look with a sleek black color, ensuring that you capture the essence of Kaneda’s outfit.
  • Material options: You have the choice between two materials for this jacket; high-quality real leather for an authentic feel, or faux leather for a more budget-friendly option.
  • Zipper and Buckle Closure: The jacket features a combination of both zipper and buckle closures, giving it a stylish and functional design.
  • Akira Capsule Embroidered Patch: To complete the look, an embroidered patch of “Akira Capsule – Good for Health, Bad for Education” is prominently displayed on the back of the jacket.